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Self Portrait by Marie-Victoire Lemoine (detail), ca. 1796
Marie-Victoire Lemoine (1754 –1820) was born and died in Paris. A student of François-Guillaume Ménageot, she took part in numerous Salons. Her sisters Marie-Denise Villers and Marie-Élisabeth Gabiou were also painters.

Notes from the

"The painting, identified with one exhibited by Marie Victoire Lemoine in the Salon of 1796, has been interpreted as a eulogy of Vigée Le Brun as a protagonist of female artists and as a tribute by one woman artist to another. Vigée Le Brun had been closely associated with Marie Antoinette before the Revolution and at its outbreak in 1789 left France (in 1796 she was living in St. Petersburg). Here the artist is shown palette and mahlstick in hand, beside an unfinished work, a votary of Athena, goddess of wisdom and patron of the arts. A pupil (sometimes identified with Lemoine herself) copies from it."

Notes from
by Jordi Vigué (2002)

"A contemporary of Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, Marie Victoire Lemoine was part of the small group of women artists who specialized in society portraiture in 18th century Versailles. The stylistic proximity between Vigée-Lebrun and Lemoine's artwork reflects the fact that they were close friends from the beginning of their artistic careers [....]"

"Though very few works are extant by Marie Victoire Lemoine, her art was remarkable for its thorough detail and outstanding realism, alongside that of Adelaide Labille Guiard and Anne Verlayer Coster and Vigée-Lebrun herself. These characteristics won her the approval of high society, which became her most devoted clientele."

Marie-Victoire-Lemoine_Sister_and Brother
A Sister and Her Younger Brother
Portrait by Marie-Victoire Lemoine (1754 –1820)
(Compare with Astrubale Bitten by Crayfish
by Sofonisba Anguissola)
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