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Self Portrait Aged Twelve by Anna Waser, 1691, Switzerland
Image from WIKIPEDIA

"Anna Waser (1675-c.1713) was born in Zurich in 1675. From an early age she demonstrated her talent as an artist — an early self-portrait executed with considerable technical skill was painted when she was only twelve. Her reputation as a skilled miniaturist enabled her to receive commissions from all over Europe." (Citation from Artfortune)

Notes from
by Frances Borzello (1998)

"By the late eighteenth century a few leading women artists had female pupils and protéges, but normally, a young female artist needed a male mentor to introduce her into the art world. The female version of the childhood talent myth is simpler, a matter of noting that the artist drew from a very early age. Anne Waser proudly inscribed the information that she was twelve years old in her self portrait of 1691. [...]

"As a child progidy, Waser was encouraged to paint this self-portrait by her teacher, Johannes Sulzer. The portrait on her easel is of him. Several other women artists produced the self-portrait of a young girl, including Sofonisba Anguissola and Angelica Kauffman in the eighteenth century."

Self Portrrait by Anna Waser, Detail
Self Portrait Aged Twelve by Anna Waser
(painting a portrait of her teacher, 1691 detail)
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