Bell Chimes

Citation from Dogen Zenji's Makahannya-haramitsu
The Perfection of Great Wisdom (摩訶般若波羅蜜)
trans. by Hee-Jin Kim, Flowers of Emptiness
__ __ __
WHEN AVALOKITESVARA Bodhisattva practices the perfection of 
profound wisdom, [his/her] whole body is the five skandhas, all
luminously seen as empty. The five skandhas are form, feeling,
conception, volition, and consciousness, which are the five modes
of wisdom. The luminous seeing is itself wisdom. When this meaning
is propounded in concrete expression, it is said: "Form is emptiness,
emptiness is form." That is, form is form, emptiness is emptiness.
[This principle applies to] all things and all phenomena. [...]

My [old] master [Ju-Ching] once composed:

The entire body [of a wind bell*] is a mouth
hanging in empty space.
Indifferent to the way the wind blows —
east, west, south or north.
Steadfastly it speaks of wisdom for others:
Tinkle! Tinkle! Tinkle!

This [bell's sound] is the discourse on wisdom which has been
correctly transmitted by buddha-ancestors. Its entire body is
wisdom: the entire east-west-south-north is wisdom.
__ __ __
  (*) Ju-ching's [Rujing's] wind bell is also mentioned in Dogen's 
Koku (Space) and Eihei Koroku Vol. 9, #58

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