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Antique Geometric Quilt Designs
INDEX to Selected QUILT DESIGNS illustrated by NANCY CABOT (aka Loretta Leitner Rising)
(published in the Chicago Tribune, 1930s)
Highlighted names link to annotated design pages at this site. *Asterisks indicate actual Nancy Cabot (real name, Loretta Leitner Rising) clippings, here or on the linked page.

Design titles for the Cabot illustrations below are listed directly beneath each image — all of Cabot's 1930's newspaper illustrations (and her photo) were clipped from the Chicago Tribune, via ProQuest.

A number of these patterns have alternate names or earlier sources: however Cabot's eye for the best patterns was exceptional, so that her choices provide a lodestar for quilters and designers sorting through many thousands of patchwork blocks (see quilt design bibliography). In addition, it is amazing how unique each of the illustrations on this page is in relation to the others, a credit to Cabot's selectiveness.

Note: All of Cabot's 1360+ pieced patterns are included (see Appendix 3) in Jinny Beyer's QUILTER'S ALBUM OF PATCHWORK PATTERNS (comprising about 33% of the 4,050 designs listed). A mug shot, clipped from the Chicago Tribune of the highly discerning, quite fashionable, and much beloved Nancy Cabot (aka Loretta Leitner Rising, ca. 1906-1958) is illustrated right. Read more on Cabot's life and her work via the Chicago Tribune, where she spent 32 years, actually her entire working life!! She was married to Morris H. Rising (1903-1959) and had one child, a son named Morris Jr.

____ ____ ____

Aerial Beacon
Aerial Beacon*
Alabama Beauty
Alabama Rambler*
Album Block
Alpine Cross*
Altar Steps
Amazing Windmill
Amethyst Chains*
An "A" Star
Annapolis Block
Annapolis Patch
Antique Tile Block
Apache Trail
Arab Tent
Arabic Lattice*
Arkansas Traveler
Arkansas Traveler*
Around the Corner*
Arrant Red Birds
Art Square*
Attic Stairs*
Attic Window
Aunt Eliza's Star
Aunt Lottie's Star
Aunt Patsy's Pet
Aunt Polly's Puzzle
Aurora Stars
Aurora Stars*
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Stars
Baby Bunting
Bachelor's Puzzle
Balkan Puzzle
Balsam Fir
Barbara Frietchie Star
Barn Bats
Barrister's Block
Bat Wings
Baton Rouge*
Baton Rouge Square
Bats Block, The
Battle of Alamo
Beach and Boats*
Bear's Paw
Beautiful Star
Beech Tree
Beg and Borrow
Beggar's Block
Bird and Kites*
Birds in the Air
Bird's Nest*
Bishop Hill
Bishop Hill*
Black Beauty
Blackford's Beauty*
Blacks and Whites*
Blazed Trail
Blazing Star
Bleeding Heart
Blind Man's Fancy
Blue Boutonnieres
Blue Chains
Blue Heather*
Blue Heaven
Blue Meteors*
Bluebell Block
Boston Commons
Boston Corners
Boston Streets
Boston Streets*
Bow Knots*
Bow Ties
Bows and Arrows
Box Car Patch
Boy's Nonsense
Brick Pavement
Brickwork Block
Bride's Bouquet
Bright Star
Bright Stars
Broad Arrow
Broken Dishes
Broken Dishes*
Broken Irish Chain
Broken Rainbows
Broken Spider Web*
Broken Star
Broken Windmills
Buckeye Beauty
Building Blocks* [1]
Building Blocks [2]
Bursting Star
Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Quilt
Byrd at the South Pole
Cabin in the Woods
Cactus Basket*
Calico Compass
Calico Mosaic
Calico Plant
Calico Plant*
Calico Star
California Rose
California Star
California Sunflower
Caroline's Choice
Carpenter's Square
Carpenter's Wheel
Castle Garden
Castor and Pollux
Castor and Pollux*
Cat and Mice
Catalpa Flower
Cathedral Window(s)
Celestial Problem
Celestial Sphere
Century of Progress* [1]
Century of Progress [2]
Chained Dominos
Chained Star
Chariot Wheel
Cherry Basket*
Chicago Star
Children of Israel
Children's Delight
Chimney Swallow
Chimney Sweep*
Chinese Coin
Chinese Coin*
Chinese Fan
Chinese Gongs*
Chinese Holiday*
Chinese Waterwheel
Circle Within Circle
City Streets
Clay's Choice
Clay's Compromise
Cleopatra's Puzzle
Climbing Roses
Clown Block
Coarse Patchwork
Cog Wheels
Colonial Garden
Colonial Pineapple
Columbia Puzzle
Columbian Chain*
Columbian Star*
Combination Star
Compass, The
Conch Shells
Conch Shells*
Cone Tree
Corn and Beans*
Coronation Block
County Farm
Court House Lawn
Coxey's Army
Coxey's Camp
Crazy Ann
Crazy Loon
Crazy Quilt Star
Crazy Quilt Bouquet*
Creole Puzzle
Cross and Diamond
Cross and Panel
Cross of Tennessee
Cross Roads
Crossed Squares
Crosses and Losses*
Crown of Stars
Crown of Stars*
Cube Lattice
Cubes and Tile
Cubic Measure
Cubist Rose
Cumberland Gap*
Cupid's Darts*
Custer's Last Stand
Cut Glass Dish
Daisy Swirl
Dancing Cubes*
Dancing Pinwheels*
David and Goliath
Delaware Crosspatch
Delaware Crosspatch*
Delectable Mountains
Desert Rose
Devil's Footprints
Devil's Puzzle
Diagonal Paths*
Diamond Chain
Diamond Knot*
Diamond Net*
Diamond Star* [1]
Diamond Star [2]
Diamond Wedding Block
Diamonds and Shadows
Diamonds and Shadows*
Dolly Madison Star
Domino and Squares*
Domino Net
Double Aster
Double Bowknot
Double Hour Glass
Double Irish Chain
Double Pinwheel
Double Pyramid
Double Square
Double T
Double Wedding Ring
Double Windmill
Double Xs
Double Z
Dover Quilt
Doves in the Window*
Dream Ship
Drunkard's Patchwork
Drunkard's Trail
Ducks and Ducklings
Dutch Mill*
Dutch Rose
Dutch Tile
Dutchman's Breeches
Dutchman's Puzzle
___ ___ ___


Eight Hands Around [1]
Eight Hands Around [2]
Eight Point Design
Eight Point Star [1]
Eight Point Star [2]
Emerald Block*
Endless Chain [1]*
Endless Chain [2]
Endless Stairs*
Enigma Square*
Evening Flower Block
Evening Star [1]
Evening Star [2]
Exquisite, The
Fair Play
Fairy Star
Faithful Circle
Fantastic Patchwork*
Far West
(The) Farmer's Daughter*
Feather Star
Federal Chain
Fields and Fences
Fifty-Four Forty or Fight
Fish Block
Fishing Boat
Five Crosses
Five Spot
Flaming Sun
Flaming Star
Floral Centerpiece
Flower Bed
Flowing Ribbons
Flutter Wheel
Flying Barn Swallows
Flying Clouds /Four Frogs
Flying Crows
Flying Dutchman
Flying Fish [1]
Flying Fish [2]
Flying Leaves
Flying Shuttles
Flying Squares*
Flying Swallows
Flying X [1]
Flying X [2]
Fool's Puzzle
Fool's Square*
Forbidden Fruit Tree
Fore and Aft
Formosa Fan*
Fort Sumpter
Fortune's Wheel
Fortune's Wheel*
Forward and Back
Four and Nine Patch
Four Buds
Four Clowns
Four Corners, The
Four Knaves
Four Leaf Clover [1]
Four Leaf Clover [2]
Four Mills
Four Points
Four Queens
Four Square [1]
Four Square [2]
Four Square [3]
Four Squares
Four Star Block
Four Windmills
Four Windmills*
Four Winds
Fox and Geese
Framed Basket
Framed Bouquet
French Star
Friendship Knot
Friendship Knot*
Friendship Links*
Friendship Ring
Friendship's Chain
Fringed Square
Fruit Basket
Fuchsia Block
Galahad's Shield
Galahad's Shield*
Garden Basket
Garden Maze [1]
Garden Maze [2]
Garden of Eden
Garret [Attic] Windows
Geese in Flight
Georgetown Circles
Girl's Joy
Glory Vine
Gnadhutten Cross
Gold and Silver
Golden Chains
Golden Cubes
Golden Gate*
Golden Stairs
Good Cheer
Goose in the Pond
Gordian Knot
Governor's Garden*
Grandma's Choice
Grandma's Fan
Grandma's Garden
Grandma's Garden*
Grandmother's Dream*
Granny's Favorite
Gray Goose
Grecian Design
Grecian Square
Grecian Star
Greek Cross
Green Cross
Grist Mill
Hail Storm
Half Moon
Half Moon*
Halley's Comet
Hands All Around
Handy Andy
Hard Times Block
Harmony Square*
Hawks in Flight
Hazy Dazy*
Heather Square
Heather Square*
Heavenly Problem
Heavenly Stars
Hen and Chickens [1]
Hen and Chickens [2]
Herald Square
Hill and Crag
Hill and Hollow
Hither and Yon*
Holly Leaves
Home Treasure [1]
Home Treasure [2]
Homespun Block*
Honey Bee
Hovering Hawks
Ice crystal
Idle Moments
Idle Moments*
Illinois Road
Illinois Star
Imperial T
Improved Nine Patch
Independence Square
Indian Canoes [1]
Indian Canoes [2]
Indian Mats
Indian Maze
Indian Puzzle
Indian Summer
Indian Wedding Ring
Indiana Puzzle
Interlaced Block
Interlaced Ribbons
Iowa Star Block*
Irish Plaid
Irish Puzzle
Iron Cross
Jack in the Pulpit
Jack's Blocks
Jacob's Ladder
Jamestown Square
Japanese Lantern
Japanese Poppy
Jim Dandy
Job's Tears
Joined Star
Joseph's Coat [1]
Joseph's Coat [2]
Jupiters Moons
Jupiter's Moons*
Kaleidoscope Patch
Kankakee Checkers*
Kansas Troubles*
Kentucky Crossroads*
Key West Beauty
Key West
King's Crown
King's Star
Kissing Lanes
Kite, The
Kitten in the Corner*
Knight's Block
Knight's Block*
Knight's Star
Ladies' Aid Block
Ladies' Delight
Ladies' Wreath
Lady of the White House*
Land of Pharaoh
Lattice and Square*
Lattice Block*
Lattice Square
Lavender Puzzle
Leap Frog [1]
Leap Frog [2]
Left and Right
Lehigh Maze
Lend and Borrow
The Letter X
Letter X, The*
Lightning in the Hills*
Lights and Shadows*
Lily Pond
Lily Quilt Pattern
Lincoln's Platform
Lindy's Plane
Linked Diamonds
Little Beech Tree
Little Foxes
Little Giant
Little Penguins
Little Red Schoolhouse
Little White House on the Hill
Little White House
    On the Hill*
Locked Squares*
Log Cabin [1]
Log Cabin [2]
London Roads
Lone Star
Lotus Block*
Lozenge Tree
Lucky Block
Lucky Knot
___ ___ ___


MacKenzie's Square
Madison Block*
Magic Cross
Magical Circle
Maple Leaf [1]
Maple Leaf [2]
Marietta Blockhouse
Mariner's Block
Market Square
Martha Washington Star
Martha's Choice
Mary's Choice
May Basket
May Basket*
Mayor's Garden
Medieval Walls
Meeting House Square
Melon Patch
Memory Block
Memory Blocks
Merrie England
Merry Kite
Merry Go Round
Mexican Siesta
Mexican Star
Mexican Star*
Midnight Sky
Midsummer Night*
Miladys Fan
Milady's Fan*
Milky Way
Miller's Daughter*
Milly's Favorite
Mississippi Oak Leaves
Missouri Daisy
Missouri Puzzle
Missouri Star
Modernistic Pansy
Modernized Poppy
Modernized Poppy*
Mollies Choice
Monastery Windows*
Monkey Wrench [1]
Monkey Wrench [2]
Monks Puzzle
Monk's Puzzle*
Montana Maze
Moon and Stars
Moon Flower
Moon Flower*
Moorish Mosaic*
Morning Star
Mosaic No. 1
Mosaic No. 3
Mosaic No. 5 & 9*
Mosaic No. 11
Mosaic Rose
Mosaic Squares* [1]
Mosaic Squares [2]
Moss Rose*
Mother's Choice
Mother's Fancy
Mountain Pink
Mrs. Cleveland's Choice
My Favorite
Mystic Maze
Mystic Star
Mystic Star*
Nameless Star*
Nauvoo Lattice
Navajo* [1]
Navajo [2]
Net of Stars
New Log Cabin
New Album
New Moon
New Star of North Carolina*
New Waterwheel
Next Door Neighbor
Next Door Neighbor*
Night and Day
Night Heavens
Nine Snowballs
Nora's Choice
North Carolina Star
North Carolina Star*
Northern Lights
Norway Pine
Nosegay [1]
Nosegay [2]
Nosegay [3]
Ocean Wave
Ocean Waves
Octagon Block*
Odd Fellow Cross
Odd Fellow's Chain
Old Patchwork, An
Odds and Ends
Oklahoma Road
Old Antique
Old Fashioned Daisy
Old Fashioned Daisy*
Old Fashioned Pieced Block
Old Glory
Old Gray Goose
Old Italian Block
Old Maid's Patience
Old Maid's Puzzle* [1]
Old Maid's Puzzle [2]
Old Maid's Ramble
Old San Francisco
Old Scraps Patchwork
Old Staffordshire
Open Windows
Orange Pekoe
Orange Pekoe*
Oriental Puzzle*
Oriental Star
Oriental Tulip
Original, The*
Ozark Mountains
Pacific Railroad
Paddle Wheel
Painted Snowball
Path and Stiles
Path of Fans
Path of Fans*
Patience Corners*
Penelope's Favorite
Pennsylvania Hex
Peony and Forget-Me-Nots
Periwinkle Kite
Perpetual Motion
Perry's Expedition
Philadelphia Pavement
Pickle Dish
Pickle Dish*
Pieced Bouquet
Pieced Butterfly*
Pieced Eight Point Star
Pin Cushion
Pink Magnolias
Pine Tree [1]
Pine Tree [2]
Pineapple Block
Pineapple Squares
Pineapple Squares*
Pink Magnolias
Point and Feather*
point a Port and Starboard
Potted Rose
Practical Orchard*
Prairie Queen*
President's Block
Primrose Path
Pricilla, The
Prosperity Block*
Puss in Corner [1]
Puss in Corner [2]
Puss in the Corner
Pyramids, The
Queen Anne's Crown
Queen Charlotte's Crown
Queen's Crown
Quilter's Delight* [1]
Rail Fence
Rail Fences*
Railroad Crossing [1]
Railroad Crossing [2]
Red Peony Buds*
Red Shields*
Reel, The
Right and Left
Rising Sun
Rising Sun* [1]
Rising Sun* [2]
Road Home, The
Road to California
Road to Oklahoma*
Road to the White House
Rob Peter to Pay Paul [1]
Rob Peter to Pay Paul [2]
Rocky Glen
Rocky Mountain Puzzle
Rocky Road to Dublin
Rolling Star
Rolling Stone [1]
Rolling Stone [2]
Roman Courtyard
Roman Pavement
Rose Point
Royal Cross
Royal Star
Ruby Roads
Rustic Wheel*
___ ___ ___


Sacramento City
Sapphire Net
Sarahs Favorite
Sarah's Favorite*
Saturn's Rings*
Sawtooth Patch
Schoenrock Cross
Scotch Heather
Scotch Squares
Sea Shells
Seasons, The*
Sentry's Pastime
Seven Sisters
Shaded Diamonds*
Ships at Sea [1]
Ships at Sea [2]
Ships in the Night
Shoo Fly*
Shooting Star
Shooting Stars
Simple Design
Single Chain and Knot
Single Irish Chain
Single Sunflower
Single Wedding Ring
Sister's Choice
Six Pointed Star
Skyrocket [1]
Skyrocket [2]
Slashed Album
Snow Block
Snow Crystal
Snow Crystal* [1]
Snow Crystal [2]
Snowball [1]
Snowball [2]
Solar System
Solomon's Puzzle
Solomon's Temple
Southern Cross
Spanish Squares
Spanish Squares*
Sparkling Dew
Sparkling Jewel
Spider Web
Spider's Den
Spinning Arrows
Spinning Hour Glass*
Spinning Jenny
Spinning Tops*
Spirit of 1949
Spool and Bobbin
Spool Block
Spool Pattern
Spring and Fall
Square and Compass
Square Cross
Squares Within Squares*
Squares Upon Squares
St. Elmo's Cross
St. Elmo's Fire
St. Louis Block
St. Louis Star
Star and Arrow
Star and Arrow*
Star and Box*
Star and Corona
Star and Crescent
Star and Cross
Star of St. Louis
Star and Cross [1]
Star and Cross [2]
Star and Cross [3]
Star and Diamonds
Star and Mill Block
Star Cluster
Star Kites
Star of 49
Star of Bethlehem
Star of Erin
Star of Many Points*
Star of the Magi
Star of the Orient
Star of the Sea

Star Puzzle*
Star Within Star
Starlight [1]
Starlight [2]
Starry Crown
Starry Night
Star and Cubes
Stars and Planets
State Fair
State House*
Steps to Glory
Steps to the Altar
Steps to the Altar*
Steps to the Garden
Stone Mason's Puzzle
Stonewall Jackson
Storm Signal
Straight Furrow*
Strawberry Block, The
Strength in Union
Stripes and Squares
Sugar Bowl
Sultan's Block
Summer Clouds
Summer Garden*
Summer Sun*
Sunbeam Block
Sunbeam Crossroad*
Sunburst and Mills
Sunburst [Prairie]
Sunburst Quilt
Sunburst Star
Sunny Jim
Sunshine and Shadow
Suspension Bridge
Swamp Angel
Swan River Daisies*
Sweetgum Leaf
Swing in the Center
T Quartette*
Tallahassee Block [1]
Tallahassee Block [2]
Tangled Squares
Tangled Trails
Tea Leaf
Tea Leaves
Tea Time
Tenallytown Square
Tennessee Circles
Tennessee Circles*
Tennessee Star
Tete-a-Tete Block*
Texas Star
Texas Tears
Texas Tulip
Thousand Islands*
Thrift Block*
Tic Tac Toe*
Tile Puzzle*
Tinted Chains*
Tipperary Tangle
Token of Affection*
Topas Trail
Towers of Camelot
Towers of Camelot*
Trail of Lonesome Pine
Tree of Paradise [1]
Tree of Paradise [2]
Tree of Life
Trenton Patch
Triangle Trails
Triangle Puzzles*
Tricolor Star
Tricolor Block
Triple Irish Chain
Triple Sunflower
Trout and Bass
True Lovers Knot
Tudor Rose
Turkey Tracks
Twelve Crosses
Twinkling Star
Twist Patchwork*
Unfolding Star
Union Block
Union Square
Upstairs and Down*
Variable Star*
Vice President's Block*
Victoria's Crown
Victoria's Crown*
Victorian Maze
Village Square
Vines at the Window
Virginia's Choice
Walls of Jericho
Wampum Block
Wandering Foot
Washington Puzzle
Washington's Sidewalks*
Weathervane Steeple
Weaving Paths
Web of Diamonds
Wedding Ring*
Wedgwood Tiles
Westward Ho!*
Wheel of Fortune
Whirling Pinwheel
Whirling Squares
White House*
White Mountains*
Widower's Choice
Wild Duck and Duckling
Wild Goose Chase* [1]
Wild Goose Chase* [2]
Windblown Daisy
Windblown Star
Windblown Tulip
Windblown Trail
Winding Walk
Winding Walk*
Winding Ways
Windows and Doors
Winged Squares
Winged Squares*
Winter Stars
Wishing Ring*
Wishing Star
Witch's Star
Wonder of Egypt
Wonder of the World
Woodland Path(s)*
World without End
World's Fair
World's Fair Puzzle*
World's Wonder
Wyoming Valley*
Yankee Charm*
Yankee Puzzle
Yellow Clover*
Yellow Lilies*
Yokohama Banner*
Young Man's Fancy
Yreka Square
Yreka Square*
___ ___ ___

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