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(Center: right to left: 7-6-7)
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Cabot, Carnival
Quilt Notes: CARNIVAL dates back to Nancy Cabot's quilt column in the Chicago Tribune, where it made its debut on March 18, 1938. Cabot must have spent a good deal of time either working out the designs as a tiling pattern, or copying the block from the full quilt, because CARNIVAL as a name for this design is almost entirely dependent on the overall pattern, as Cabot indicates in her notes, see tiling below. CARNIVAL sets free the imagination, into a sort of street fair celebration. There are circular tents with all sorts of exotic things for sale, harlequins, and other performers, a juggler here and there, and booths where women are selling magnificent fabrics, colorful scarfs and other delightful hand-made clothing to revel in. Cabot says in her comments:
"CARNIVAL is another one of those good looking geometric designs...the coverlet is set together to form an all-over design, and finished with a seven inch white border and a one-half inch red bias binding. [...] This block is one of those simple ones which may be set together with rapidity and ease, and it is one which the beginning quilt maker never need fear as a first attempt."
Thanks to Jinny Beyer for including the grid sizes in her QUILTER'S ALBUM OF PATCHWORK PATTERNS, where the block is illustrated on page 211. A struggle with drafting the pattern at first was quickly transformed into the easy simplicity Cabot mentions, that is, once the correct grid divisions were set in place.
See CABOT BLOCKS!! for more newspaper clippings of Nancy Cabot designs!!
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