Altroemeria (Peruvian Lily)
Emily Dickinson: Early Feminist Essays (pub. 1886-1915)
"Emblem is immeasurable -- that is why it is better than fulfillment,
which can be drained." ~ Emily Dickinson
Growing Up with Emily Dickinson:
A Remembrance
by Emily Fowler Ford
Emily Dickinson:
Her Poetry, Prose & Personality

by Ella Gilbert Ives
An Early Imagist
Review of "The Single Hound"
by Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant
Emily Dickinson's Letters by Thomas Wentworth Higginson
Emily Dickinson Letters by Lilian Whiting
Eulogy for Emily Dickinson
by Susan Huntington Dickinson
Annotated & Illustrated
Unpublished Letters of Emily Dickinson to her Brother's Family
by Martha Dickinson Bianchi

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