Idiophonics (Natural Sounds) in Early Japanese Women's Poetry
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Sound Effects for Japanese Poetry

Here are recommended sites to download sound effects from nature appropriate for illustrating Japanese Nature poetry. Be sure also to download FREE Quicktime Player to play back the sounds later. A great FREE sound editing program for wav and other sound effect files and for Mac OS X is Sound Studio 2.2.4 (for Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later), there's also a version for OS 9. Sound Studio was pre-loaded on my Mac when I purchased it some years ago, but Apple seems to have discontinued it, in favor of iTunes.

Or if you want to use iTunes (free download for mac or pc), or something similar, you can load a selection of sound effects in any order that sounds right and play them back one after the other looped. You can set up a shore scene, for instance, with gulls, creaking boats, flapping sails, small waves, and pounding surf. The sounds can be wonderfully, wonderfully inspirational.

boat creak
(wav 13K)

Natural sound effects may be downloaded from the following websites:

A1 Free Sound Effects
6060 Train Links & Sound
Animal Sound Recordings
Audubon Wildwings
Being in Harmony
Bird Songs in Japan
Brandon's Free Sound Files
Bring Back Whoopers
BuddhaNet Audio
Buddha Offering
Cyber Audio, Korea
Deer Sounds, Deer-UK
E-Vet Animal Sounds
Folktales in Fukushima
Free Audio Clips
Frogs & Toads of Georgia (Pickerel)
Free Sound Effects
Insect Sound World, Japan
New York State Birds
Partners in Rhyme
Pintail's Birds of Korea
Sound Effects for Video Games
Sfx Sound Effects
Singing Insects of North America
Rainforest Sounds: Kids Explorers
Rolling Thunder Taiko Resource
Sounds of Nature
Stag Electronics (Bat Sonar)
Sunsite Free Sound Effects, Japan
Ultimate Sound & Music Archive

Illustration: Pickerel Frog (public domain line art by Karen J. Couch),
from National Image Library, USFWS

pickerel frog
(Toads & Frogs of Georgia)
(mp3 452K)

Natural Sounds in Early Japanese Women's Poetry