On Dogen Zenji's ZAZENSHIN (坐禪箴)
The Reason for Zazen / Seated Meditation
Citation from Commentary by Josho Pat Phelan, from
"Polishing a Tile, Actualizing a Mirror" in RECEIVING THE MARROW
(Teachings on Dogen by Soto Zen Women Priests)
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Just sit on your cushion without expecting anything. 
Then eventually you will resume your true nature.
That is to say, your true nature will resume itself.
~ Suzuki Roshi

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As a young person, Dogen Zenji struggled with the question, "If all people are endowed with Buddha Nature, as the sutras teach, why is it that we have to train so strenuously to realize Buddha Nature?" His insight into the answer to this question can be found in his radical teaching of the non-duality of practice and realization.
From our human point of view, most of us are motivated to practice out of pain or a deep need to change our lives. But from Buddha's point of view we are already Buddha, and when we practice we are just expressing our awakened quality of being. We have unconditioned nature, but at the same time most of us are ignorant of our unconditioned being. Our habits and conditioning hang like a cloud covering our unconditioned nature.

One characteristic of conditioned nature is the feeling that there is something we don't have that we need. From the time we are born, the way we are treated, the things we are told, and the way our language and society are constructed all support the notion that that there is something we don't have that we need. Whether we think we need new clothes or a new car, or happiness, or fulfillment, or peace of mind, or even realization, whenever we feel there is something that we need that we do not already have, we are ignoring our inherent completeness and setting up a duality between who we are and who we want to be. Trying to obtain something outside ourselves, which we think will make our lives better, is a form of dualistic grasping which can never be satisfied. There will always be something newer or something better available.
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