Citation from commentary by Bonnie Myotai Treace
in Buddhadharma, A Practitioner's Quarterly, Summer, 2004
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Bodhidharma: Let's consider a passage from one of the Shobogenzo fascicles that many people find quite difficult, "Uji" or "Existence-Time":
"Time is already just Existence, and all Existence is Time. The sixteen-foot golden body* is time itself. Because it is Time, it has the resplendent brightness** of Time. We should learn it as the twelve hours of the day."
~ Dogen Zenji
Bonnie Myotai Treace: There's another line in Uji that has always been one of my favorites, where he says: "You should learn that unless myself puts forth the utmost exertion, and lives time now, not a single thing will be realized nor will it ever live time." I remember the first time I read that I felt such a sense of intimate life being encouraged. There is a gate that opens to the past, and a gate that opens to the future, if you will. You suddenly find yourself right at that nexus point. It's very stilling and it requires everything of you. It can't be derferred or delayed, it's just..."
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*sixteen-foot golden body = a buddha's stature
**The name of the Wisdom bodhisattva "Manjusri" means "Resplendent Brightness," or "Sweet Splendor"  
As if I asked a common alms, 
And in my wondering hand
A stranger pressed a kingdom,
And I, bewildered, stand;
As if I asked the Orient
Had it for me a morn,
And it should lift its purple dikes,
And shatter me with dawn!
~ Emily Dickinson

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