adapted with line breaks from
Moon in a Dewdrop, ed. by Kazuaki Tanahashi
__ __ __
  Although the views of an ordinary person
and the causes and conditions of those views
are what the ordinary person sees,
they are not necessarily the ordinary person's truth.
The truth merely manifests itself for the time being as an ordinary person.
Because you think your time or your being is not truth,
you believe that the sixteen-foot golden body* is not you.

However, your attempts to escape
from being the sixteen-foot golden body
are nothing but bits and pieces of the time-being.
Those who have not yet confirmed this should look into it deeply.
The hours of Horse and Sheep,
which are arrayed in the world now, are actualized by
ascendings and descendings of the time-being at each moment.
The rat is time, the tiger is time,
sentient beings are time, buddhas are time.
__ __ __

*sixteen-foot body = buddha's stature
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