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CITATIONS from Dogen Zenji's
Zen is Eternal Life, translation by Abbess P. T. N. H. Jiyu-Kennett, Roshi
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Free of all craving, existence, time, flow manifests itself sometimes here 
and sometimes there; the kings of heaven and their servants are not apart from the arising of existence, time, flow and all beings, whether on land or in the sea, come forth therefrom. Existence, time, flow gives rise to all things, whether they be good or evil, and their arrising is the very process of time, nothing whatsoever being apart therefrom. It is wrong to think that continuity goes from east to west in the manner of a storm; words are neither unmoving nor standing still and this is an example of continuity. Spring, too, is the same as this for therein certain events take place which are spoken of as continuity; if you can understand that nothing whatsoever exists outside of this continuity, you can understand that spring is always spring.
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The opposites are familiar to each other; action and non-action are one.  That which is not good is not necessarily of no use for all is existence, time, flow; if this were not so, there would be neither ocean nor mountain. It is impossible to say that time does not exist for the mountain and the ocean are in the absolute present; should time decay, so will the mountain and the ocean; if it does not do so then neither will they: because of this both eyes and picked flowers appear and this is existence, time, flow; if it were not so then all of the above is not so.
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