Moon, Eclipse
TSUKI (都機) The Moon of Our True Nature
Roar of the Tigress, Vol. II: Zen for Spiritual Adults
by Abbess Houn Jiyu-Kennett, Roshi
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[In the Tsuki, Dogen Zenji says:] 
  What is now being expressed is that the Ancestors of the Buddha, as disciples of the Buddha, without fail, have the Moon of their heart and mind, because they treat their Moon as their heart and mind. If It were not the Moon, It would not be their heart and mind, and without a heart and mind, there is no Moon. ‘Solitary and at the full’ means that It lacks for nothing. Whatever is beyond ‘two or three,’ we call ‘all things’. When all things are in the Moon’s Light, they are not ‘all things.’ hence Its Light swallows up all things...
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[Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett comments:] 
  You must not be afraid to use your heart and mind because it is through them that your True Nature manifests Itself. Yes, our heart and mind are phenomena and, if we are attached to them as separate "entities," then they are part of the problem. But when you look at the phenomena around you with that same heart and mind, and you see the nonsubstantial liberated essence, of all things, then the Moon is "at the full" and "Its Light swallows up all things." I see the phenomenon we call "you" in front of me, and I listen to what we call "bulldog" snoring (*) beside me (laughter), and it is all the same Buddha Nature; thus all is One and all is different. Do not think that you have to despise the phenomena in order to know your True Nature. Do not think that you can despise the phenomena and still know your True Nature. Unless one understands through the gateway of the senses, how will one ever truly find what is True? [...] These are the doorways through which the Moon's Light penetrates all things. In fact, as Dogen says, "without them there is no Moon." Just don't hold on to them.
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 (*) Editor's note: Rev. Master Jiyu had several pet bulldogs in the course of her life. When she lectured informally, one would often accompany her, frequently falling asleep at her feet, and snoring loudly. [Photos of Rev. Jiyu-Kennett also show her with a pet cat.]
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