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TASHINTSU (佗心通) Reading Others' Minds
tr. by Kosen Nishiyama and John Stevens (Vol. 2)
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[In the Tashintsu, Dogen Zenji says:] 
  Once a scholar-monk called Daini (Great Ears) Sanzô from India came to the capital. This monk claimed the ability to read others' minds. The emperor wanted to test him and brought him to see the National Teacher. Sanzô greeted Echû with a bow and then stood on Echû's right. Echû' asked him, " I've heard that you can read other people's minds." Sanzô said, "Only a little." Echû said, "Well then tell me where this old priest [Echû himself] is right now." Sanzô said, "O priest, You are the National Teacher. Why are you at Seisen watching the animal boat races?" Echû asked again, "Please tell me where I am right now." Sanzô said, "You are the National Teacher. Why are you looking at the monkey grinder on the Tenshin Bridge?" Echû repeated the question a third time, "Where am I right now!" Sanzô thought for a while but did not answer. Then Echû said, "You wild fox. Where is your ability to read others' minds?" Sanzô remained silent.
Both ordinary people and those with the power to read others' minds possess the same Buddha-nature. Those who study Buddhism should not think that those who possess the miraculous powers of non-believers and Himalayanists are superior to ordinary people. [...] Furthermore, those people of India who use the power to read other people's minds should be more accurately called those who read other people's thoughts. The ability to pick up others' superficial thoughts [like the examples given] is a totally useless and laughable talent. "Mind" is not necessarily "thought" and vice versa: even when they are it is not possible to read others' minds.
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