Citation from Dogen Zenji's SHUSHO-GI 山水經
The Meaning of Practice-Enlightenment:
Citation from the translation by the Soto Zen Text Project
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(Part 2): Repenting and Eliminating Bad Karma
("Buddhas and ancestors were once like us;
in the future we shall be like them.")

"The buddhas and ancestors, because of their limitless sympathy, have opened the vast gates of compassion in order to lead all beings to awakening. Among humans and devas, who would not enter? Although karmic retribution for evil acts must come in one of the three times, repentance lessens the effects, or eliminates the bad karma and brings about purification."

"Therefore, we should repent before buddha in all sincerity. The power of the merit that results from repenting in this way before the buddha saves and purifies us. This merit encourages the growth of unobstructed faith and effort. When faith appears it transforms both self and other, and its benefits extend to beings both sentient and insentient."

"The gist of repentance is expressed as follows: 'Although we have accumulated much bad karma in the past, producing causes and conditions that obstruct our practice of the way, may the buddhas and ancestors who have attained the way of the buddha take pity on us, liberate us from our karmic entanglements, and remove obstructions to our study of the way. May their merit fill up and hold sway over the inexhaustible dharma realm, so that they share with us their compassion. Buddhas and ancestors were once like us; in the future we shall be like them.'"

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