Crayon Masters
Citations from Dogen Zenji's
SHUNJU 春秋 (Spring and Autumn)
Moon in a Dewdrop, trans. by Sobun Katherine Thanas & Kazuaki Tanahashi
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GREAT MASTER WUBEN of Dongshan was once asked by a monk, "When cold or heat comes, how can we avoid it?
 The master said, "Why don't you go where there is no cold or heat?"
 The monk said, "What do you mean by 'where there is no cold or heat?'"
 The master said, "When it is cold, the cold finishes the monk. When it is hot, heat totals the monk."
 This story has often been examined in the past. You should also pursue it now. Buddha ancestors have never failed to master this matter, and those who have mastered it are buddha ancestors. Many buddha ancestors in India and China, both present and past, made this issue the eye of their realization. To bring forth this eye is the fundamental point of buddha ancestors. [...]
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 Zen master Fudeng of Mt. He, Hu Region, is an heir of Huiqin, Zen Master Fujian, of Taiping. His initiatory name is priest Shouxun. He said:
 "Where there is no cold or heat is Dongshan's phrase.
This place is where a number of Zen persons get lost.
Go for fire when it gets cold and cool yourself when it is hot.
In this life you can avoid cold and heat."
 Although master Shouxun is a dharma descendent of Zen master Wuzu Fayan, his words seem like child's talk. However, "In this life you can avoid cold and heat" will bring forth the mature style of a great old master. "In this life" is your whole life; "avoiding cold and heat" is nothing other than dropping away body and mind.
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