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CITATION from Dogen Zenji's
MITSUGO 密語 (Heart-to-Heart Language of Intimacy)
Shobogenzo, Shasta Abbey, trans. by Hubert Nearman
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My Master’s Master, Setcho, once said to his assembly in verse: 
The World-honored One had an intimate way of speaking, 
Which Makakasho could not conceal,
For in the night, flowers had rained down,
Bathing the citadel in their perfume.
Here and now, Setcho's expression, "For in the night, flowers had rained down, 
bathing the citadel in their perfume," is the very essence of what Intimacy is.
Because Setcho proclaimed this, you should scrutinize the Eye and Nose of our
Buddhist Ancestor. It was a place that neither Rinzai nor Tokusan were able to
reach. You need to open up and explore the Nostrils that are in your Eye, and let
the tip of your Nose sharpen up your Ear. And what is more, you need not go all
that deeply into your Ear, Nose, or Eye to make Them your whole body and
mind, and without making Them over again. We take this as the principle of
"the raining down of flowers gives rise to the world."
Setcho's expression, "Bathing the citadel in their perfume," is synonymous 
with the True Self being concealed while the outer form becomes ever more like
a hermit training in his hut. Therefore, thoroughly explore and pass on to others
that within the everyday life of the family of the Buddhas and Ancestors, the
World-honored One will have His intimate words and Makakasho will not conceal
them from us. Each of the Seven World-honored Buddhas, in turn, explored the
Matter through Their training just as you do now. Makakasho and Shakyamuni
likewise probed deeply into the Matter so that They might understand It. I
pray that you are now doing the same.
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