Kie Bupposo Ho (Kie Bupposo Bo) (Kie-Sanbo) (歸依佛寶僧寶)
Taking Refuge in the Three Treasures
Shobogenzo [Book 4], translation by Nishijima & Cross
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[from Dogen's Taking Refuge in the Three Treasures:]
We accomplish this taking refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha whenever sympathetic communication of the truth takes place. Whether we are in the heavens above, the human world, hell, or states of demons and animals, if sympathetic communication (*) of the truth occurs, we take refuge without fail. Once we have taken refuge, we develop [merit] in every life, in every age, in every location, and at every place, we pile up merit and heap up virtue, and we accomplish the truth of anuttara-samyak-sambodhi (**).
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CITATION from ANIMAL GRACE: by Mary Lou Randour, from 
Chapter Six: The Souls and Spiritual Lives of Animals

"Doctrines such as reincarnation encourage us to focus on the unity and continuity of creation, which in turn allow us to heighten our awareness and develop our compassion. By avoiding artificial divisions between ourselves and other living creatures, we can transcend the limits of our individual experiences. Then we are open to a central reality in which we may know the absolute, or the 'One Mind without distinctions of any kind.' Developing awareness of our kinship with animals can open the door to this other world of possibility, in which one unites, at the deepest level, with the sacred.

"The enlightened have no trouble recognizing the divinity in all creatures, as illustrated by a story about Ramakrishna. As Ramakrishna was performing a worship service at a temple, a cat wandered in just when he was about to offer food to the deity. Upon seeing the cat, Ramakrishna bowed down and gave the cat the food. Many people gasped in horror. As the writer Isherwood notes, however, Ramakrishna had perfectly illustrated what Vedanta (***) is all about."

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 (*) KANNO-DOKO: Mystical communication between buddhas and living beings,
or between the universe and living beings.
(**) ANUTTARA-SAMYAK-SAMBODHI: Supereme Perfect Enlightenment.
(***) VEDANTA: [Teachings of] Self-Realization as Divine Being

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