citation from Dogen Zenji's
KESA KUDOKU (袈裟功徳) "Power of the Robe"
translation from "Treasury of the True Dharma Eye," ed. by Kazuaki Tanahashi
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        Ancestor Nagarjuna said, "Home leavers in buddha dharma, you can resolve your crimes and attain liberation even if you break percepts and commit crimes, as mentioned in the Sutra on the Former Birth of Nun Utpalavarna.

The cause of Nun Utpalavarna's becoming an arhat [Saint] in this story is none other than putting on a kashaya for a joke. In her second birth, she became a nun at the time of Kashyapa Buddha, and in her third birth she became a great arhat at the time of Shakyamuni Buddha and accomplished the three types of knowledge and six miraculous powers. The three types of knowledge are the celestial eye, knowing the past, and knowing how to remove desires.

The six miraculous powers are the power of celestial activity, insights into others minds, the celestial eye, the celestial ear, knowing the past and removing desires. As Utpalavarna had a casual connection with the precepts, even though she broke a precept, she was able to attain the way. As a result of putting on a kashaya for a joke she could attain the way in her third birth. How much more likely you are to attain the way if you arouse a pure heart of trust and put on a kashaya for the sake of unsurpassable enlightenment. Can the merit not be complete? Even further the merit of maintaining a kashaya with utmost respect throughout a lifetime is vast and boundless.
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