COMMENTARY on Dogen Zenji's
Valley Sounds, Mountain Sights
CITATION from "Mystical Realist" by Hee-Jin Kim, from
Chapter Five: Monastic Asceticism: The Way of Ritual and Morality
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 [Dogen says in the Keisei Sanshoku]:

The leading thought [of confession] is a sincere desire that,
although I may have many obstacles to the Way due to evil karmic effects accumulated from the past, the Buddhas and ancestors who were enlightened through the Buddha-way will have compassion for me, will deliver me from karmic shackles, and will eliminate any hindrances to my learning of the Way, and that they will make the Dharma-gate of their merits completely pervade and fill the boundless universe and apportion this compassion to me....
 If you repent in this way you will certainly have the invisible assistance of the Buddhas and ancestors. Confess your thoughts and deeds, disclose yourself in words, relate them before Buddhas, and your sins shall be altogether rooted out.

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 Coming from a Zen Buddhist context, these words [by Dogen] on the efficacy of repentance, confession and forgiveness might surprise some of us. Yet these were integral, not extraneous, to the right practice and the right faith. [...] The purity of a contrite heart in its confession was identical to the confession of Buddha-nature in its purity. The act of confession was the disclosure of original purity. For this reason the guilt intrinsic to Buddha-nature became "guiltless" and "pure" isshiki no).
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