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Commentary on Dogen Zenji's
Sounds of the Valley Streams and Colors of the Mountains
citation from "The Essence of Dogen" by Masanobu Takahashi
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DOGEN acknowledges koan (Zen instruction) as being in all objects 
in the universe. A similar assertion can be seen in other places in the
Shobogenzo. In the last paragraph of the chapter Keisei-Sanshoku
(Sounds of the Valley Streams and Colors of the Mountains), we
find the following passage:

"If you practice correctly,
the sounds and colors of the valley streams and mountains
will never hold back their 84,000 hymns of praise
and their teaching of the Way toward Buddha."

Again in the first paragraph of the chapter, Sansui-Kyo (The
Mountains and Rivers Sutra), we read: "The mountains and
rivers before us actualize the way of the ancient Buddhas."
"Keisei-Sanshoku" and "84,000 hymns of praise," these words
are from some Chinese Zen Buddhist layman, and the problems
treated in the Sansui-Kyo. But Dogen's genius for recognizing
koan in the nature world is quite original.
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