CITATIONS from Dogen Zenji's
from Flowers of Emptiness, trans. by Hee-Jin Kim
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"Great Teacher Yun-yun Wu-chu asked Great Teacher Hsiu-i of Mt. Tao-wu: 'What does the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion do with so many hands and eyes?' (*) Tao-wu said: 'It is like a person groping for a pillow at night with his/her hands behind his/her back.' Yun-yen exclaimed: 'I understand! I understand! Tao-wu asked: 'What is your understanding?' Yun-yen replied: 'Hands and eyes are all over the body.' Ta-wu said: 'What you have said is all very well, but it is only eight- or nine-tenths right.' Yun-yen asked: 'Then how about you, venerable brother?' Tao-wu replied: 'The whole body is hands and eyes.'"
We should realize that "so many hands and eyes" are what the two ancient buddhas speak in unison; "so many hands and eyes" are unmistakably what Yun-yen and Tao-wu practice together. In such a case [Yun-yen] asks Tao-wu about "using for what?" . . . This question presents the utterance [of Truth]; it also presents the "hands and eyes" themselves.

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(*) so many hands and eyes: see Abbess Jiyu-Kennett Roshi's
commentary on depictions of the many-armed aspect of
Kannon, Bodhisattva of Compassion.

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