(translation by Kazuaki Tanahashi, Treasury of the True Dharma Eye)
(Enlightenment is a Teacher and a Lesson Book)

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THE PRACTICE AND REALIZATION of unsurpassable, complete enlightenment is brought about sometimes by a teacher and sometimes by a sutra. A teacher is a buddha ancestor of the entire self. A sutra is a sutra of the entire self. We say this because you yourself are the self of the buddha ancestors and the self of all sutras.
 Although it is called the self, it is not bound by "you" and "I." It is a vital eyeball, a vital fist. Thus, there is remembering, reading, chanting, copying, receiving, and maintaining a sutra. All of these are the practice-realization of buddha ancestors.
 To encounter a sutra, however, is not easy. Among the innumerable lands, it is difficult to hear the name of a sutra. Even in the assembly of buddha ancestos, it is difficult to hear the name of a sutra. Even among receivers of the life veins [of buddha dharma], there are those who have not even heard the name of a sutra.
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