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Citations from Dogen Zenji's Kaiin Zammai (海印三昧)
The Great Ocean of Meditation
Roar of the Tigress, Vol. II: Zen for Spiritual Adults
[Lectures on Dogen's Shobogenzo] by Abbess Houn Jiyu-Kennett, Roshi
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THE ZEN master does not offer you magic that will turn off the pain of the world. 
He or she does show you how you can sit still beneath that pain so that you can
help the world to make itself less painful. If you wish to think of that as "magic,"
you may, but it isn't. It's very hard work. And that's how it's done by sitting still
in the place of meditation and allowing the Essence to flow through you. As
Dogen points out [in the Kaiin Zammai], this is our True Refuge:
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The Ocean of one’s being is not some abode of a worldly person nor is it  
someplace beloved by a saintly person; it is one’s Self alone within the Ocean
of one’s being. It is simply our constantly and openly giving expression to the
the Dharma. This ‘within the Ocean’ does not pertain to Its center, nor does it
pertain to Its inside or outside; it is our constantly and endlessly dwelling
within It as we give expression to the Teachings that are the Flowering of the
Dharma. Though we do not take up residence in the east, west, south, or
north, we do return, our boat empty yet fully illumined by the Moon’s
Light. This genuine refuge is our returning to our Original Nature..." (*)

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(*) Dogen citation from the Shobogenzo, translated 
by Hubert Nearman, Shasta Abbey.

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