"throughout all time (as we call it), for Truth stands outside what we think of as time"
Hokke Ten Hokke 法華轉法華,
The Lotus Flower of the Dharma,
from Roar of the Tigress, Vol. II: Zen for Spiritual Adults
[Lectures on Dogen's Shobogenzo] by Abbess Houn Jiyu-Kennett, Roshi
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In the next few passages, Dogen speaks of the teaching of the One Vehicle, a teaching which lies beyond distinctions such as those inherent in the view that there are three vehicles of training. This teaching is set forth
by the Lotus Sutra, and he says of it:
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Surely this is being aroused by the flowering of the Dharma, when we say that this is what Buddhas alone, along with all other Buddhas, truly realizes in full. It is what those who succeeded the Buddha and what the Buddhas that have been Their successors have all opened up to, manifested, awakened to, and entered.
 We also call this Scripture The Scripture on the Lotus Flower of the Wondrous Teaching, for it is the teaching that trains Bodhisattvas. Because we refer to this Scripture as containing all thoughts and things, both the Divine Vulture Peak and the vast sky exist, as well as the great ocean and the great earth, with the Flower of the Dharma as their native land. As such, this Scripture describes how Truth appears. It is 'just what is, as it is.' (*)

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 This property of being "just what is" is the same throughout the centuries (as we call them), throughout all time (as we call it), for Truth stands outside what we think of as time. I remember being at a lecture at Sojiji when this was being discussed, and I kept marveling that if what they were saying were true (and I didn't doubt it) then there was no time. Time as we think of it, is completely irrelevant to Buddhist training. This is an important point to remember, as we are apt to measure and judge our own training in terms of time. Do not do that: no time, no measuring, no judging.
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[Dogen says:] It is the 'abode of the Dharma' and 'the invariable state of the Dharma.' It is 'the impermanence of all actions.' It is 'the reason for the one great matter for which we train.' It is 'what the Buddha experienced directly'... (*)
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  Thus when Buddha beholds Buddha, Buddha disappears and one fire springs up between two stones, the Fire of Reality. And this, too, is a flowering of the Dharma.
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(*) Dogen citations from the Shobogenzo, translated 
by Hubert Nearman, Shasta Abbey.

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