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GYOBUTSU-IIGI 行佛威儀 (Majestic Bearing of the Enactment Buddha)
from Flowers of Emptiness, translated by Hee-Jin Kim
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  BUDDHAS are always full of majestic bearing in their enactment: this [majestic bearing] is itself the enactment-buddha. The enactment buddha is neither buddha of the enjoyment-body nor of the transformation-body, nor is it buddha of the self-nature body or of other-nature body. It has nothing to do with acquired enlightenment or original enlightenment, or with enlightenment of nature or no-enlightenment. These buddhas can never equal the enactment buddha. Know that when Buddhas are in the Buddha-way they do not anticipate enlightenment. It is the enactment-buddha alone who penetrates everyday activities by going beyond the Buddha. This is something the buddha of self-nature and all others have never dreamed of.

With regard to this enactment-buddha: majestic bearing, because it is realized in every single act, is realized prior to the enactment-buddha's body. Furthermore, the transformative activity of the enactment-buddha outflows prior to his/her speech at all times, in all directions, with all buddhas, in all enactments. Unless one is an enactment-buddha, one can never be liberated from the buddha-bonds or dharma-bonds....

The "buddha-bond" involves being bound by intellection and understanding which comprehend enlightenment intellectually as enlightenment. Although one may pass through a thought-moment, one will still fail to reach the moment of liberation, while uselessly engaging in mistaken interpretations. To view enlightenment as enlightenment should be an intellection commensurate with enlightenment. How can anyone dispute this as a false view?
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 Translator's notes: "The enactment-buddha" (gyobutsu, 行佛) implies the nonduality of buddha and enactment: the awakened one is what s/he enacts. Elsewhere in the present fascicle, Dogen writes: "In each and every movement of the enactment-buddha, whenever one makes the buddha enact, the buddha makes one enact." Self-power and other-power are one in this respect.
 "Majestic bearing" (iigi 威儀) is not so much the exterior appearance as the dynamic substance of the enactment-buddha. Thus, "majestic bearing" is the "enactment buddha," and vice versa.


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