Hudson River Boat

citation from Dogen Zenji's
GENJO KOAN 現成公案 (The Question of Our Lives)
White Wind Zen Community, tr. by Yasuda Joshu Roshi & Anzan Hoshin Roshi
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STUDYING the Way of Awakening is to study the self. To study the 
self is to forget the self. Forgetting the self is being awakened by
the vast expanse of experiences. Being awakened by the vast expanse,
one's bodymind is dropped right through and so are those of others.

No sign of enlightenment can be found and this signlessness presents
itself continuously. At first, when you seek the truth, you have
separated yourself from where it is. Finally, when you have received
true transmission, at that instant you are the original you.

Riding in a boat and watching the shore, it looks as if it is the
shore that's moving. Look directly at the boat, and you'll know that
it's the boat that moves. In the same way, if you examine and discern
the numberless experiences while confused about your own bodymind,
you will think that your mind and its nature are permanent. Be intimate
with all that you do, return to the original you, and it will be clear
that the numberless experiences are without self.
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