Japanese Fan Reflecting Light
GENJO KOAN 現成公案 (The Problem of Everyday Life)
Zen is Eternal Life, trans. by Abbess P. T. N. H. Jiyu-Kennett, Roshi
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 It is wrong to believe that one is fully aware of being enlightened, as personal knowledge, even after enlightenment: that which is intuitive cannot necessarily be given easy expression and definite form even though enlightenment is already ours. One summer day a Zen teacher sat fanning himself when a monk asked, "Since the nature of wind is stationary and universally present, why do you use a fan?" The teacher replied, "Although you know its nature to be stationary, you do not know that it is universally present." "Why is it universally present?" asked the monk: for answer the teacher merely continued fanning himself and the monk bowed; the True Way of Transmission and enlightenment, which is the result of real experience, is the same as this.
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(Koan also in Shinji Shobogenzo # 123 = Bk 2-23) 

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