Citation on TALL BAMBOO, from Dogen Zenji's
GABYO 畫餅 (Painting of a Rice Cake)
from Sounds of Valley Streams, tr. by Francis H. Cook
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My teacher [Ju-ching] once said: "Tall bamboo and [short] banana plants are both painted pictures." This expression transcends tall and short, and gets to the bottom of the fact that both bamboo and banana are painted pictures.

A tall bamboo is a tall bamboo. Though it results from the oscillation of yin and yang, at the same time, the seasons of the bamboo effect yin and yang. These seasons and yin and yang are not easy to understand. Though the Buddha perceives them, even he cannot measure yin and yang. This is because yin and yang are not different from the Way. Therefore yin and yang are not the yin and yang of the non-Buddhists, [or] the two vehicles [of Buddhism], and the like. They are the yin and yang of tall bamboo, the calendar of the functioning of bamboo, [all] Buddhas in the ten directions as a family of tall bamboo.

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