Japanese Fan Reflecting Light
FUKAN ZAZENGI (普勧坐禅儀, Rules for Meditation)
(from Introduction to the Tradition of Serene Reflection Meditation
by Abbess Houn Jiyu-Kennett, Roshi)
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TO TRAIN and enlighten ourselves is to become thoroughly wise; 
the koan appears naturally in daily life. If you become thus utterly free you will be as the water wherein the dragon dwells or as the mountain whereon the tiger roams. Understand clearly that the Truth appears naturally and then your mind will be free from doubts and vacillation.
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It is no more possible to understand natural activity with the judgemental 
mind than it is possible to understand the signs of enlightenment; nor is it possible to understand training and enlightenment by supernatural means; such understanding is outside the realm of speech and vision, such Truth is beyond personal opinions. Do not discuss the wise and the ignorant, there is only one thing — to train hard for this is true enlightenment; training and enlightenment are naturally undefiled; to live in this way is the same as to live an ordinary daily life.

The Buddha Seal has been preserved by both the Buddhas in the present world and by those in the world of the Indian and Chinese Ancestors, they are thus always spreading the Truth — all activity is permeated with pure meditation — the means of training are thousandfold but pure meditation must be done. It is futile to travel to other dusty countries thus forsaking your own seat; if your first step is false, you will immediately stumble. Already you are in possession of the vital attributes of a human being — do not waste time with this and that — you can possess the authority of Buddha. Of what use is it to merely enjoy this fleeting world? This body is as transient as dew on the grass, life passes as swiftly as a flash of lightning, quickly the body passes away, in a moment life is gone.

O sincere trainees, do not doubt the true dragon (*), do not spend so much time in rubbing only a part of the elephant; look inwards and advance directly along the road that leads to the [bodhi] Mind, respect those who have reached the goal of goallessness, become one with the wisdom of the Buddhas, transmit the wisdom of the Ancestors. If you do these things for some time you will become as herein described and then the Treasure House will open naturally and you will enjoy it fully.
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(*) For the dragon reference, see note on Dogen's Zazenshin.
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