Siberian Tiger
FUKAN ZAZENGI (普勧坐禅儀, Rules for Meditation)
(from Zen Master Dogen: Introduction, Selected Writings, Yuho Yokoi)
Photo: Siberian Tiger in Snow, Wikipedia Commons
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Zazen is not "step-by-step meditation." Rather it is simply the easy and pleasant practice of a buddha, the realization of the Buddha's Wisdom. The truth appears, there being no delusion. If you understand this, you are completely free, like a dragon that has obtained water or a tiger that reclines on a mountain. The supreme dharma will then appear of itself, and you will be free of all weariness and confusion.

By virtue of zazen it is possible to transcend the difference between "common" and "sacred" and attain the ability to die while doing zazen or while standing up. [...] Zazen is a practice beyond the subjective and objective worlds, beyond discriminating thinking. Therefore no distinction should be made between the clever and the stupid. To practice the Way singleheartedly is, in itself, enlightenment. There is no gap between practice and enlightenment or zazen and daily life.
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