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EIHEI KOROKU (永平広録, Volume Six)
trans. by Taigen Dan Leighton, Shohaku Okumura

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 I CAN REMEMBER lay practitioner Lu [later the sixth ancestor Dajian Huineng]:

The fifth ancestor asked, "Where are you from?"
Lu replied, I am from Lingnan in the south."
The ancestor asked, "What is it you are seeking?"
Lu said, "I seek to become a buddha."
The ancestor said, "People from the south have no Buddha nature."
Lu said, "People have south or north; the Buddha nature does not have south or north."
The ancestor realized that the person was a vessel [of Dharma], and allowed him to enter the hall as a lay postulant.

Although the fifth ancestor and sixth ancestor spoke like this, I, their descendent Eihei have a bit more to say. Great assembly, would you like to understand this clearly? Although [Lu] picked up a single blade of grass, he had not yet offered five flowers.
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 Translator's note: The "five flowers" may refer to the five houses of Ch'an that derived from Huineng. But Dogen's statement implies the need to see multiplicity as well as the oneness of Buddha nature.
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