CITATION from Dogen Zenji's
from DOGEN'S EXTENSIVE RECORD, tr. by Taigen Dan Leighton
& Shohaku Okamura, Volume Four: "Transcribing Dharma"
EK 4.336 Dharma Hall Discourse for Appointing the New Scribe
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 BUDDHAS BESTOW [the Dharma] by hand to buddhas; ancestors fully pour out their water [Dharma] for other ancestors. Tie together your affinities with the cloud and water monks, plant seeds in the forest of the monastery. At this very moment, make Mount Sumuru your brush and take the water of the great ocean as your ink. Using these what do you copy and what do you write?

Great assembly, do you want to clearly understand this? Practice this in accord with Dharma. Whether now or later, if you practice the Dharma you will be at peace. Having made copies in this way, how do you penetrate these circumstances?

After a pause Dogen said: Make three prostrations and stand at your place.

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