(永平広録, The Record of Dogen's Later Period at Eihei-ji)
The Zen Canon: Understanding the Classic Texts,
New Year's Blossoms, trans. by Steven Heine, Dale S. Wright
Volume One: EK 1.090, New Year's (Spring) Dharma Hall Discourse
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  AS THE HEAVENLY sky is clear, each and every thing
purifies each and every other thing.
The earth is covered with nourishing moisture,
penetrating a thousand things and soaking ten thousand things.
How is it such a time as this?
After a pause [Dogen] said: 
The harmonious expression of spring makes the whole world fragant,
The deity of spring sits impassively in the Cloud [monks'] hall.
On every branch their flowers blooming of coral color,
The opening of blossoms, throughout the world open,
makes "this is a celestial realm."

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(Zen Master) DOGEN ZENJI'S (道元禅師)
(Gender Inclusive) STUDIES OF THE WAY (學道) : INDEX
95-Fascicle SHOBOGENZO (正法眼蔵) & Other Writings
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