Wang Hui Huts
Citation from Dogen Zenji's DOTOKU (道得 Expression)
trans. from Francis H. Cook's Sounds of Valley Streams
Illustration: Wang Hui (1632-1717) exhibit, (MMA, 2008)
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There was a monk in the assembly of the great master, Chen-Chiao of 
Hsüeh Feng, who left the monastery and built a grass hut near the mountain and lived there. Years passed but he did not shave his head. No one knew that he lived in the hut and he was rather lonely and despondent. He fashioned a wooden dipper from which he drank the water from the nearby valley stream. Truly, it must have been a kind of "drinking the valley stream."

As the days and months slipped by, the story of the hermit leaked out. One day, another monk came by and asked him, "What is the meaning of Bodhidharma's coming from India?" The hermit replied, "The valley stream is deep, the handle of the dipper is long." The monk had no idea of what this meant, and without even bowing in respect or asking for instruction, he hastened back to the mountain to report the incident to Hsüeh Feng. Hearing the incident Hsüeh Feng said, "Wonderful! be that as it may I think this old monk will have to go there and have a look for himself." Now, what Hsüeh Feng said was that the hermit's reply was really splendid, but that he wanted to go and question the hermit himself.

So one day, Hsüeh Feng suddenly handed his attendant a razor and they made their way to the Hermit's dwelling. Upon seeing the hermit he said, "If you are capable of expression, I won't shave your head." You must understand Hsüeh Feng's statement. In the remark, 'If you are capable of expression, I won't shave your head,' 'will not shave your head' would signify that there was expression. Why? If the expression is [truly] expression, there will be no shaving. If [the hermit] has the power to hear his expression, he will hear it, for it is spoken only to one who has the power of hearing it. At that time the hermit washed his hair and presented himself before Hsüeh Feng. But did he come as one in expression or as one beyond expression? At any rate, Hsüeh Feng shaved his head.
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(koan also in Shinji Shobogenzo # 183 = Bk 2-83) 
(and in Eihei Koroku Vol 9 # 71)
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