Citation from Dogen Zenji's BUTSUDO (佛道)
The Way of the Buddha
from the translation by the Soto Zen Text Project
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Recently in the Great Sung, the common classes throughout the country hear this false name "Zen school", and the lay followers compete to spread talk of such false names as the "Zen school", or the "[Bodhi]dharma school", or the "Buddha Mind school", till they would corrupt the way of the buddha. This is the corrupt way of those who have never known the great way of the buddhas and ancestors, who have not seen or heard, believed or accepted even that there is a treasury of the eye of the true dharma. Who, knowing the treasury of the eye of the true dharma, would use a false name for the way of the buddha?

Therefore, The Great Master Wu-chi of Shih-t'ou Hermitage on Mt. Nan-yüeh ascended the hall and addressed the assembly, saying, "My dharma gateway has been transmitted from prior buddhas. It doesn't concern meditation or vigorous training; it merely arrives at the buddhas' knowledge."

We should know that the buddhas and ancestors who have the correct transmission from the seven buddhas, from the various buddhas, talk in this way. [Here, Shih-t'ou] expresses the words "my dharma gateway has been transmitted from prior buddhas" — he has no expression of the words "my Zen school has been transmitted from prior buddhas." He does not distinguish the items "meditation or vigorous training" — he makes "the buddhas' knowledge" "merely arrive." He does not dislike vigorous training and meditation — [they are simply] "the buddhas' knowledge" "merely arrived."

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