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Buddha-Nature Identity
CITATIONS from Dogen Zenji's

BUSSHO 佛性 (Buddha-Nature)
from Flowers of Emptiness, trans. by Hee-Jin Kim
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 "Buddha" and "nature" are such that by penetrating one we penetrate the other. The "Buddha-nature" is always "all existence" because "all-existence" is neither a motley of myriad pieces nor a single iron rod. Because it is the act of raising the fist, it is neither large nor small. Once declared to be the Buddha-nature, it cannot be compared with sages, nor can it rank with the Buddha-nature itself.

A certain group of people think that the Buddha-nature is like the seeds of grasses of trees: when the beneficient rain provides moisture in abundance, buds and stems grow, branches, leaves, flowers and fruit flourish, and fruits bear seeds. Ordinary people tend to understand in this manner. Even if one understands this way, one should still investigate thoroughly the view that all seeds, flowers, and fruits are respectively pure mind.
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