M31 Andromeda
Dogen & Cosmic Ecology
CITATION from Dogen Zenji's
BUKKYO 佛經 (The Buddhist Sutras)
Eihei Dogen: Mystical Realist, translation by Hee-Jin Kim
Photo: NASA (Andromeda Galaxy, M31
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 WHAT WE MEAN by the sutras is the entire universe itself. There is no space or time which is not the sutras. They use the words and letters of the ultimate truth as well as the words and letters of the worldly truth. They adopt the symbols of heavenly beings as well as those of human beings. They use the words and letters of beasts and asuras as well as hundreds of grasses and thousands of trees. For this reason, the long and the short, the square and the round, the blue and the yellow, the red and white — marshalling solemnly in the ten directions of the universe — are undeniably the sutras' words and letters and faces. They are the instruments of the great Way and the scriptures for a Buddhist.
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(Zen Master) DOGEN ZENJI'S (道元禅師)
(Gender Inclusive) STUDIES OF THE WAY (學道) : INDEX
95-Fascicle SHOBOGENZO (正法眼蔵) & Other Writings