Citation from Dogen Zenji's BUKKOJOJI
(or Butsu Kojo No Ji 佛向上事, 28-Fascicle Version)
The Matter of the Ascendant State of Buddha
trans. by Nishijima & Cross (Bk4)
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 IN THE HOUSE of Buddha there is the Bodhisattva Regarder of Sounds of the World [Guanyin]. Few people have not seen her but very few know her. We need not use coins to buy her elegant manner of being, and when we look into her faces, which is right and which is wrong? In order to speak she turns [our] body round and mounts the Zazen platform; in order to listen she takes [our] hand and stands on the ground. At places not hindered by even a single dharma, her compassionate eyes illuminate us. Her response and our being responded to are a donkey looking at a well, and are the well looking at a donkey. There may be no human being who clearly understands this state, "it keenly avoids verbal expression."
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