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BUTSU-KOJO-JI (Bukkojoji 佛向上事)
from "Roar of the Tigress," Vol. II, Lectures by
Abbess P. T. N. H. Jiyu-Kennett, Roshi
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 WHAT this chapter is about is a matter of great importance: the training that comes after a realization of the Truth. Many things have been written in Zen about the training which leads to realization; very few indeed discuss the training which follows it. One can easily get the impression that realization, kensho [見性], an experience of enlightenment [悟], or however you wish to phrase it, is the end of Zen training. It is not. It is rather a new beginning, an entrance into a more mature phase of Zen training.
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Master Dogo of Tennoji Temple asked, 
"What is the great intent of Buddha-Dharma?"
The Master replied, "It is above and beyond grasping,
above and beyond comprehending."
Dogo asked, "Having gone above and beyond,
is there any other way of putting it or not?"
The Master replied, "The vast expanse of space
does not hinder the floating by of white clouds."
__ __ __
 The Great Ocean in which the Wheel of the Dharma turns does not obstruct Itself. To use the metaphor of the monk and the fan, although the presence of wind is constant, still we need to use a fan... The Wheel and the Ocean exist. If we do not do the ongoing training of becoming Buddha, thus turning the Wheel of the Dharma, how will we know the essence of Buddha and how will the Dharma flower?
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(*) Translation of Dogen's text by Hubert Nearman, for Shasta Abbey

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