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BUKKOJOJI 佛向上事 (Going Beyond Buddha)
Eihei Dōgen: Mystical Realist, by Hee-Jin Kim
(from Chapter Three: Activity, Expression & Understanding)
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 DOGEN held that "going beyond Buddha" (bukkojoji) — discussed in connection with Tung-shan Liang-chieh's discourse on ongoing enlightenment and speech — was realized by penetrating the inaudible in speech through practice and understanding. Dogen observed:
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 "You should correctly understand that going beyond Buddha does not depend on any causes or their fruition. Even so you experience and penetrate the inaudible when words are uttered (gowaji no fumon). Unless you reach beyond Buddha there is no experience of being beyond Buddha. If going beyond Buddha is not uttered in speech (gowa), you do not experience it. [Speech and going beyond Buddha] are neither manifest in nor hidden from each other; they neither give nor take in their relationship. Therefore when speech is realized, that itself is none other than going beyond Buddha."
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  The inaudible in speech transcends the audible (mon) and the inaudible (fumon) in the conventional sense. The body-mind must adjust itself — by being undefiled — to the inaudible through a new mode of activity. No sooner have we totally adjusted our body-mind to a new situation and begun to act in and through the audible than we realize that the inaudible resides in the audible itself. Thus, speech is undefiled by the dualism of the audible and the inaudible. Or to put it differently, speaker and speech are nondualistically one in that activity which goes beyond Buddha. [...]
 Only in the nondualistic context of "the inaudible in speech" and the "hearing-immediately in no-speech" is speech in the conventional sense liberated, authenticated, and reinstated for use in the realization of going beyond Buddha.
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