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Bodaisatta Shishobo (菩提薩埵四摂法)
from Moon in a Dewdrop, ed. by Kazuaki Tanahashi
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  THE BODHISATTVA'S four methods of guidance are giving, kind speech, beneficial action, and identity-action.
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 When you leave the way to the way, you attain the way. At the time of attaining the way, the way is always left to the way. When treasure is left just as treasure, treasure becomes giving. You give yourself to yourself and others to others.
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 "Kind speech" means that when you see sentient beings you arouse
the mind of compassion and offer words of loving care.
 [...] You should know that kind speech arises from kind mind, and kind mind from the seed of compassionate mind. You should ponder the fact that kind speech is not just praising the merit of others, it has the power to turn the destiny of a nation.
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 "Beneficial action" is skillfully to benefit all classes of sentient beings, that is to care about their distant and near future, and to help them by using skillful means. In ancient times, someone helped a caged tortoise, another took care of an injured sparrow. They did not expect a reward, they were moved to do so only for the sake of beneficial action.
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  "Identity-action" means nondifference. It is nondifference from self, nondifference from others. For example, in the human world the Tathagata took the form of a human being. From this we know that he did the same in other realms. [...] With a gentle expression, practice identity-action for all people.
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 Each of these four methods of guidance include all four. Thus there are sixteen methods of guiding sentient beings.
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