Gull, Ferry Boat Pier
Citation from Dogen Zenji's
Discourse on Doing One's Utmost in Practicing the Way of the Buddha
Shobogenzo, Shasta Abbey, trans. by Hubert Nearman
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A TASTE for fame and gain comes easily, whilst delusion and 
grasping are hard to let go of.

Even so, it does not necessarily require the worldly wisdom of either
the mundane or the saintly for people to recognize and enter the
Buddha Dharma so that they may serve as a ferry to carry others
beyond the mundane.

While the Buddha was in the world, a certain man came to experience
all four fruits leading to arhathood when he was hit in the head with a
handball. And a certain woman came to understand what the Great Way
is due to her playfully dressing up in a monk’s kesa in a previous
life.... Also, upon seeing an ignorant old monk dumbly sitting, a faithful
lay woman who had brought him food opened up and was awakened.
Her experience did not depend on ‘enlightened wisdom’ or on Scripture,
nor did she rely on words or explanations: she was rescued simply by
her genuine faith and trust.
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