Garden Buddha, with Meander
Citation from Dogen Zenji's
On the Endeavor of the Way
Shobogenzo, Moon in a Dewdrop, trans. by Kazuaki Tanahashi
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GRASS, trees and lands which are embraced by this teaching, together radiate a great light and endlessly expound the inconcievable, profound dharma. Grass, trees and walls bring forth the teaching for all beings, common people, as well as sages. And they in accord extend this dharma for the sake of grass, trees and walls. Thus, the realm of self-awakening and awakening others invariably holds the mark of realization with nothing lacking, and realization itself is manifested without ceasing for a moment.

This being so, the zazen of even one person at one moment imperceptibly accords with all things and fully resonates through all time. Thus in the past, future and present of the limitless universe this zazen carries on the buddha's teaching endlessly. Each moment of zazen is equally wholeness of practice, equally wholeness of realization.

This is not only practice while sitting, it is like a hammer striking emptiness, before and after, its exquisite peal permeates everywhere. How can it be limited to this moment? Hundreds of things all manifest original practice from the original face; it is impossible to measure. Know that even if all buddhas of the ten directiions, as innumberable as the sands of the Ganges, exert their strength and with the buddhas' wisdom try to measure the merit of one person's zazen, they will not be able to fully comprehend it.

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