Citation from Dogen Zenji's
BENDOWA 辨道話 / On the Endeavor of the Way
Commentary from "Dancing the Dharma," by Teijo Munnich,
in RECEIVING THE MARROW, ed. by Eido Frances Carney
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Life is everything and everything is life. We are part of the ten-direction-dharma-realm and are not separate from anything. Everything in life is dependent on everything else. Jijuyu zanmai* is the experience, dancing and being danced by life.

When Dogen Zenji describes Jijuyu zanmai, he includes everything as part of the dance [he says]:
"At this time, because earth, grasses and trees, fences and walls, tiles and pebbles, all things in the ten-direction-dharma-realm, carry out Buddha work, therefore everyone receives the benefit of wind and water caused by this functioning, and all are imperceptibly helped by the wondrous and incomprehensible influence of Buddha to actualize the enlightenment at hand."
*Jijuyu zanmai or "joy of Samadhi" (Sanskrit), a serene, collected state of mind.
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