Citation from Dogen Zenji's
BENDOWA (辨道話): A Talk on Wholehearted Practice of the Way
(Dogen translation from SHIKANTAZA by Shohaku Okumura)
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In the Bendowa, Zen Master Dogen says: 

According to the unmistakenly handed down tradition, this buddha-dharma, which has been singularly and directly transmitted, is supreme beyond comparison. From the time you begin to practice under a teacher, [the special practices of] incense burning, bowing, nembutsu*, as well as the practices of repentance or reading sutras, are unnecessary. Simply practice zazen, dropping off body and mind.

When one shows the buddha-seal* with one's whole body and mind, and sits properly in this samadhi even for a short time, everything in the whole world becomes the buddha seal and all space in the whole universe becomes enlightenment. Therefore all buddha-tathagatas increase the dharma joy of their own original ground and revivify the way of awareness.
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*nembutsu = "Originally Nembutsu was a form of meditation on or visualization of Buddha. In Japanese Pure-Land Buddhism, nembutsu refers to chanting the name of Amitaba Buddha, saying; 'Namu Amidabutsu.'

*Buddha seal = inmo, suchness, thusness.

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