BAIKA 梅華 (Plum Blossoms)
Dogen citations from the SHOBOGENZO
translation, ed. by Kazuaki Tanahashi
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This is the time for all human and heavenly beings to turn toward attaining the way, so the old buddha's dharma wheel is turned to the extreme limit of the entire world. Even clouds, rain, wind and water, as well as grass, trees, and insects, do not fail to receive the benefit fo the teaching. Heaven, earth and land are vigorously turned by the dharma wheel. To hear words never heard before is to hear these words. To attain what has never existed is to attain this teaching. This is the dharma wheel that cannot be seen or heard without having some inconceivable good fortune.
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(Zen Master) DOGEN ZENJI'S (道元禅師)
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95-Fascicle SHOBOGENZO (正法眼蔵) & Other Writings
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