Illustration: Dogen's Eiheiji in Summer
Zen Master Dogen's SHOBOGENZO (正法眼蔵) & Other Writings
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The Summer Retreat: Citation from:
Shobogenzo, Shasta Abbey, trans. by Hubert Nearman

My late Master, the Old Buddha of Tendo, once recited a poem of his during an informal session at the beginning of a summer retreat:

Set your bones upright upon level ground,
And to seclude yourself, scoop out a cavern in space.
Pass forthwith beyond the gate of dualities,
Only taking with you a darkness as dark as a black-lacquered pail.

* * *
Thus, whenever the monks and laity arrive for the three months of the retreat, they put into practice the Important Matter of the supreme and wondrous enlightenment of the bodhisattvas. Keep in mind that male and female lay trainees can also do the retreat. The place of this retreat is great, fully perfected enlightenment. This being so, Jetavana Park and the Divine Vulture Peak are both temples of the Tathagata’s great fully perfected enlightenment. You should carefully listen to, and take to heart, the World-honored One’s teaching that the Tathagatas and great bodhisattvas in all ten quarters did the practice and training of the three months’ summer retreat.
(Zen Master) DOGEN ZENJI'S (道元禅師)
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