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INSPIRATION by Cabot Quilt Notes: INSPIRATION debuted as INSPIRATION QUILT in "Prize Winning Designs," ca. 1931, (according to Jinny Beyer, #256-6) and was republished in Nancy Cabot's column in the Chicago Tribune on February 19, 1937. See the beautiful tiling pattern below — Cabot's comments state the following:
"INSPIRATION is a clever title for this highly individual quilt block. It is not as intricate as it seems, but when the pieced blocks are set together, block to block, it creaties a most unusual quilt design. It must have been sheer inspiration which prompted the original quilt maker to cut a design of this nature. Geometrical patterns always may be counted upon to furnish many interesting designs and INSPIRATION is no exception to the rule."
This version of the pattern (based on Cabot's layout) has some unique 3D elements, along with a somewhat complex 16 x 16 grid, which makes the design intriguing to the eye and particularly inspirational in terms of the possible color combinations required to maintain the shadow effect — the title is absolutely perfect. Barbara Brackman's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PIECED QUILT PATTERNS illustrates the block as INSPIRATION PATCH (drafted on a 22 x 22 grid), with dark and light partially reversed (#1451), and attributes it's debut in print to "Aunt Martha," a name used for a syndicated quilt column in the early 1930's.
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