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Duck Creek Puzzle
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Flowers by Andy Warhol
FLOWERS (ca. 1970)
by Andy Warhol
For innumerable variations of flower prints by Warhol, all with exceedingly intense color combinations, see the gallery at Google.
Quilt Notes: This design made its print debut with Nancy Cabot, who seems to have kept a nice seasonal rhythm in accord with her columns in the Chicago Tribune (see Cabot's rendering of the design here). DUCK CREEK PUZZLE was chosen for her article on July 17, 1937. It is illustrated by Jinny Beyer in her QUILTER'S ALBUM, (p.219-12), and conveniently listed as requiring a 40 x 40 grid. Grid sizes in the compendiums can sometimes be invaluable and this is certainly one of those more challenging designs as regards figuring it out intuitively (see drafted on a full grid). The 40 is primarily a multiple of 5 not 8, as one might think, required by the off-centering of the pattern (compare with similar arrangements in ARABIC LATTICE and DELAWARE CROSSPATCH).

Have a look also at the recommended book list at this site, for the special characteristics of the various quilt design catalogues — each one supplies something uniquely valuable. It's great to have a number of them on hand. It is interesting also to consider which designs a compendium places next to a pattern. Maggie Malone, for instance, includes a couple of exquisite companions for DUCK CREEK PUZZLE (#2247), COLONIAL PAVEMENT and SHOOTING STAR. Barbara Brackman's ENCYCLOPEDIA files it in her section called "Square in a Square" (#2566).

The fabric used for the illustration upper left looks like (though probably not intentionally) a rather Warhol inspired floral design. The rendering on the right is a far more conservative fabric choice, an attempt to employ the color sense of a mallard duck. The intensity of the "Warhol" flowers is creatively risky, very, very hot, and abstracted, but they seem to be floating on a stream, and after much artistic debate (see an alternate version), we took the leap and included the rendering here. It actually works quite well, effectively utilizing the wide open spaces of the side panels in a challenging way (Cabot visualizes those spaces as empty neutrals, however).

For a few more geometric designs depicting birds see: BIRDS IN THE AIR, MIGRATION SOUTH and DARTING BIRD(S), among others.

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