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(Division top edge = 6-6-2-10)
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AUTUMN TINTS (Diagonal Set)
Quilt Notes: AUTUMN TINTS is unique to the CARRIE HALL blocks collection, dated to the early 1900's to 1935. A photo of the original is available online at the Spencer Museum of Art (opens in separate window), University of Kansas. See Jinny Beyer's QUILTER'S ALBUM, #238-6, including the partial inset border on the large diagonal squares, where the nonconformity of the tiling pattern replicates so interestingly. Barbara Brackman's ENCYCLOPEDIA (#1103c) provides four cross references, creating a card table of beautifully simple designs.

Compare with Carrie Hall's BOX QUILT!! For another autumn pattern at this site, how about ACORNS, and for color studies, see COLOR WHEEL — also more early 20th c. modernism powerfully evident in BLOCK STAR and CUBE LATTICE.

An extensive study of the CARRIE HALL BLOCKS is available in print (along with numerous pattern templates) edited by Bettina Havig. Carrie Hall was born December 9, 1866: in her introduction, Havig says the following:

"Madame Hall, as she liked to be called, was a woman who made her own way in the world. In the early 1900s, she operated a dressmaking business, catering to the wealthy and influential women of Leavenworth, Kansas, which was, at that time, quite a cosmopolitan city. [...] In the 1920s, as the demand for fancy dressmaker gowns declined, severely affecting her business, she began to look for other venues. She noticed the vitality of the quiltmaking revival. At first, she made quilts as 'pick-up' work, and later, more ardently, she began to piece blocks. Initially, she was determined to piece a cloth block for every known patchwork pattern. [...] The aid of helpers is reflected in the collection of Carrie Hall block patterns at the Spencer Museum. [...] More than 850 blocks resulted from the effort."
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